To develop science and technology on forest development and rehabilitation of forest ecosystem, based on:

  • Forest ecosystem charachteristics.
  • Interaction between Vegetation and its environment.
  • Determination of environment factors that influence toward the vegetation growth and forest ecosystem productivity.
  • Influence of forest development/rehabilitation toward the quality of soil, water, and micro climate.


Studying of forest ecosystem and characteristic on forest species which support forest maintainance and cultivation, as well as studying on forest influence to its environment.

Forest Ecosystem Development and Rehabilitation :

  • Study on Charachteristic of Ecosystem Tipes.
  • Development of Preeminent Tree Species.
  • Biogeochemistry Cycle.
  • Identification of Interaction Models among Tree/Forest and Its Environment (Site Growth).
  • mprovement on Enviroment Productivity and Quality.
  • Study on influence of Forest Development/Rehabilitation on the Quality of Soil, Water, and Micro Climate.