Silviculture is science, technology, and art on the forest development including whole culture/cultivation activities, such as nursery, forest regeneration (planting), forest maintenance and monitoring which applied to a forest ecosystem (natural/plantation).

Departmen of Silviculture (DSVK) is the first silviculture department in Indonesia. DSVK is under the Faculty of Forestry, IPB University which established on 2 August 2005 based on a Decree of IPB University’s Rector No. 112/K13/OT/2005.

In the national level, DSVK has best reputation with accreditation “A” by National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (BAN-PT) No. 857/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/SIII/2018.

Furthermore, DSVK also has best reputation in international level. Since 2015, DSVK has accredited by ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) No. AP89IPBJAN15.


To become s leading study program with Tropical Silviculture as the main competence, characterized by an entrepreneurship as well as based on a harmony.


  1. To conduct a higher education based on research to produce human resources qualified in maintaining the sustainability fucntions of ecology, and forest ecosystem healt and productivity.
  2. To become a trend setter for the communities of forestry profession.
  3. To become a higher education which is able to anticipate and answer the various problems scientifically and professionally related with forestry development.
  4. To become a higher education with management system oriented to quality and professionalism.


Developing science and a silviculture technology which is needed to maintain the natural forest, as well as to develop forest plantation sustainably .


The strategic objectives of Department of Silviculture are:

  1. To produce qualified graduated who are capable in developing and applying of science, technology and art of silviculture.
  2. To produce eco-friendly innovations of science, technology and art in tropical silviculture to support national development and human welfare.
  3. To become the Department Silviculture as a proactive and anticipative study program to overcome the community issues and the development obstacles that changing fast in national and international level.
  4. To become a study program that strengthen moral on technology innovation and intellectual property of civil society.

Rector Decree on the establishment of Department of Silviculture