To develop science and technology of forest cultivation through improving the site quality and genetic, as well as applying silviculture practices for increasing integrated forest and land productivity.


Developing the methods of natural forest maintenance and technology of forest cultivation (seed, nursery, planting, agroforestry, maintenance until the determination of forest harvesting system) to increase the productivity.

Growth Site Quality Improvement :

  1. Ecophysiology of Tree
  2. Mycorrhiza Technology
  3. Rhizobium Technology
  4. Fertelizing Technology
  5. Organic Matter Technology
  6. Water Holding Technology for Plant.

Genetic Improvement :

  1. Forest Genetic and Tree Breeding
  2. Seed Source Management
  3. Vegetative Breeding
  4. Seed Technology.

System and Silviculture Engineering :

  1. Silviculture System Development
  2. Agroforestry
  3. Forest Plantation Planning, Forest Plantation Planting and Mantaining